Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The smell of onion rolls lingers

Every time I read your article, it brings back my fondest memories. Now I have a lot, I will be 50 soon.

My favorite summers as a kid were from 1963-1972 at Orchard Mansion. It closed in 1972. My father, of blessed memory, had the best sense of humor.  One year he made an OM "Check In Kit" with soft toilet paper, a hook and eye for your door, and a light bulb, among other things. As soon as we checked in, my dad made his way to the TV room where he put a cigarette in the stuffed moose's head. That is how Rose and Herbie and other guests knew THE GRUSKINS have arrived!!  My parents made wonderful friends there and still keep in touch with them.  

I only wish my kids could experience OM.  I always remember milk and cookies with real glasses, square dancing on the patio, playing nucom, the bats on movie nights in the barn, the Purple People that lived in the cemetery, making key chains from lanyard, cracker soup, Lina's awesome hot fudge sundaes for 85 cents, Maxie's rolls (whenever I smell onion rolls, the aroma brings me back to OM instantly).

Thank you so much for bringing a smile to my face and and warm feeling to my heart whenever I read your article.  The closing of OM was a very emotional time for my family and myself.

Best Always,
--Terri Gruskin

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